SplatWorks #wewontstop

PiMetre New To Splat-Tab


Pi Metre Is Now Exclusive To The Splat-Tab:


The Yorkshire Coding Company

Welcome to the new update website for SplatWorks. There are some updates like the design on our website, our apps and there is a Mr Marvellous fan page. So check it out and have some fun.


#wewontstop is our new hashtag. This means we will not stop bringing enjoyment to the world.



“February is the month of the tech” and it defiantly is the peak for Splat Works. Instead of making apps and games, Luke the director took to making a tablet. The idea came in November and finally on the 13rd of February 2016 the tablet is finally finished. We are currently making the on screen touchscreen. Should be released by this week so check out our  splat-tab page.



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